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Bryan D. Johnson
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm just a guy who likes to doodle occasionally in his spare time, mostly fantasy stuff, I get my inspiration from a variety of sources. Usually video games but occasionally I'll find the motivation to sketch out one of my D&D characters.

Current Residence: Gig Harbor, Washington
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock/Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Cobra Baroness
So it's been a week sense I bought and started playing Fallout 4.  Still having fun with it.  Anyway decided to mess around a bit and see what would our beloved Apocalypse Anne look like in the game that inspired her.  So I fired up the character creator slapped on a CBBE variant mod for the suit (Mainly 2pacs Open vault suit in his cbbe skimpy armor and clothing replacer, you can find it at loverslab and will have a nexus release eventually.) And took some screenies, for everyone to look at.

I'm not actually playing Anne in game, however.  Mainly because Anne is a different character then what Bethesda set up for the female protagonist in the game.   Without really spoiling the current story Anne was a prewar former test pilot, astronaut, and junior executive at an aerospace company.  She never got married, had kids, nor had the desire for either.  To play her otherwise just doesn't feel right.  Well that and she ain't from Boston and no where near it, nor is "Anne" one of the names on the voiced character name list. 

And that leads me to one of the minor quibbles about this game, and indeed, Fallout 3 had much of the same problem.  In the Elder Scrolls series of games your characters background was what you made it, it was never brought up in game, and that was fine, it still was your character.  In New Vegas, nothing else was known about your character other then he or she was "the courier" and the game left it up to you to fill in the blanks.

And instead of going with Obsidian's lead, Bethesda decided to fall back to what they did in Fallout 3 and choose your characters background for you.  To me that feels less like my creation and more like I'm just rewriting someone elses story.   The worse part is that in Fallout 3 I actually built some kind of emotional connection to Liam Neeson dad, here I have no real attachment to my characters family.  I kept forgetting the name of the characters husband, and I only remember Shaun's name, cause the game keeps bringing it up in every other dialog.  Hell, I feel more emotional attachment to the family robot, Codsworth, then the damn family.  And as much as I love the concept of protagonist prewar Popsicle, I'm not getting any sense of missing the prewar world from the main character.  Then again I'm still early in the main quest, I'm still running around doing side crap as I make my way to Diamond City.  So maybe they'll be more of a chance of "prewar blues" later on. 

Anyway think I'm going to get back to the game.  Enjoy the screenies. 

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Ah, thanks, I'm glad you liked Apocalypse Anne Last Queen of the Vault, at least I think you liked it.  It got approved and all.....

Anyway thanks for accepting the first 4 shots, :iconnb6636-1: and I have been putting a lot of effort into our series.  Nice to know it's appreciated.  
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